Sample Essay on Tea Production in Turkey

Today, tea is one of the favorite beverages consumed globally and more than 30 countries are known to produce quality tea. Turkey is one of the reputed countries that are known to produce incredible amounts of tea globally. There is a rich and fascinating history about tea in turkey. Tea was first carried or transported by Turkish traders during the 5 th century and it was used for barter trade with Chinese products. Today, Turkish tea is trending in the globe and it is also a great source of income for the people.

The turkey tea industry is ranked among the top 10 tea-producing countries in the world. Turkey today is a powerhouse on both tea consumption and production. The first tea seedlings were imported to turkey from china and japan in 1888.

However, in 1970s the story of tea in turkey has been of surprises.

At the end of the 19 th century, after the introduction of tea in Batum in Turkish, the department of agriculture in the country agreed to make Bursa the best place to go tea due to its fine forests, hills and natural springs. Unfortunately, things did not work out well and these dreams of growing tea in Bursa faded away along with the Ottoman Empire.

In 1918, the emerging republic of turkey was able to identify suitable locations for tea cultivation. The authorities sought the help of famous botanist from Mardin province, Mr. Ali Riza Erten in order to figure out the best places for cultivation. Six years later, the Turkish government passed the legislation to spur the growth of tea and other crops. For several years the industry has flourished, but soon flattered and many tea farmers opted to cultivate oranges, lemons and hazelnuts instead.

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Early failures in tea production did not discourage the Turkish government and it went on to avoid pitfalls in the tea production. The government went on to create a better tea-processing industry and by the end of 1935, over 350 acres of tea were under cultivation. These plantations grew up to 4,200 acres by 1945. By 1956, the government provided monetary incentives and new waters to support tea production. More than 40,000 acres of land were dedicated for tea cultivation. Turkey was able to meet the demands of many tea consumers in the country. It in 1963, turkey was able to export 141 tons of tea.

Today, 65% of Turkish tea more so black tea is produced by the government owned companies, while about 35 % comes from private sectors. Turkey has stepped up its tea production locally and internationally. It is among the best tea producers and in fact among the top ten. For consumers who are not well versed with Turkish tea, it is full-flavored and new flavors like appear tea [Elma cayi in Turkish] are readily available in the market especially for tourists. However, there is nothing that can match the traditional Turkish Black tea as it is sweet, slightly tart, caffeine-free and as a mild apple flavor. Feel free to visit the best tea stores or make orders in can of any exports.

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